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One thing I’ve learnt from working with women is that we’re all so wonderfully different. We all have our own career paths and goals. Wildly varying ideas of success. And, most of all, we all require a unique approach when it comes to coaching.

Some women shine in a group setting, with support from other like-minded professionals. Others prefer an online program that fits around their lifestyle commitments. Some women need a gentle nudge, while others prefer a firmer push. And some women want the VIP treatment, with 1:1 undivided attention.

I work with all types of mid- career professional women. Whether you’re stuck, confused or uninspired – or simply on a mission to fast track your success – I have a solution that’s perfect for you.

Need a career makeover? A total reinvention? Not sure WHAT you want? Career by Design is a transformative one-day workshop that helps you define what you REALLY want and provides the tools to get you there. Walk away feeling clear, confident and laser focused, with your own personal plan of attack.

Ready to fast track your success? The Leadership Connection is an exclusive program for driven women who are ready to work smarter, not harder. Learn how to activate your unique leadership style and become an invincible woman leader. With complete support, serious accountability and an inspiring community of like-minded women, your success is a certainty in this inner circle.

Want the 5-star treatment without joining a program? Book a VIP coaching session.
In this immersive half-day session, it’s all about YOU – where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there FAST. This is a premium 1:1 experience for those who are ready to dive deep.

No distractions. No set agenda. Just you and me, making things happen.